At GuateCall, a Nearshore call center in Guatemala City, Central America, potential employees often ask, “How long does training last?” I always look them straight in the eye and say, “Training never ends!”

Why Continuous Training?

As a premier BPO in Central America, we offer premium salaries and attract top talent from major call centers. Our applicants have typically undergone extensive training with Fortune 500 companies, working with brands in the Airline, Hotel, Cruise, Energy, Shipping, Cell phone, Cable, Retail, and Internet sectors.

GuateCall’s Training Philosophy

When I tell them, “Training never ends,” I explain GuateCall’s unique approach to call center training.

Most companies start with classroom training, covering company policies, products or services, systems, and more. After initial training, employees often go straight into their roles with minimal ongoing development.

The Drip Effect: Continuous Learning

At GuateCall, we liken traditional training to a stone smoothed by a rush of water—it makes the surface smooth but doesn’t penetrate deeply. To truly transform service culture and achieve an exceptional customer experience, we need more than just surface-level training.

Our philosophy involves a consistent drip of training, much like water continuously dripping on a stone. This constant flow penetrates deeper, embedding the values and skills needed for outstanding customer service.

Here’s how we implement it:

The Benefits of Continuous Training

This continuous training approach ensures that our employees not only understand their roles but also take ownership of the brand they represent. It fosters an environment of perpetual growth and excellence in customer service.


At GuateCall, training is a never-ending process. It’s about more than just initial education; it’s about continuous improvement and deep-rooted development. Our unique approach ensures that our team is always at the top of their game, providing exceptional service to our clients.