Inbound customer service Call Center Outsourcing companies are so plentiful, they seem as though they are a dime a dozen. Many countries have inbound call centers that will help with outsourcing customer service support, email support, web chat support, and back office services.

What makes inbound customer service outsourcing support different from one country to the other and one outsourcing call center to another outsourced call center?

When deciding on a location for outsourcing your bilingual inbound customer service and support, consider the following:

  • Cultural affinity
  • Cost
  • Size of call center Outsourcing Partner
  • Management

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing a country when outsourcing inbound customer service near your target market helps increase face-to-face interaction between your team and the outsource provider. Shorter flights are more cost-effective and less draining on your employees. The similar time zone is also a major benefit to increasing communication between your company and the outsourced call center provider. Email response is faster and a quick phone call, even multiple times a day is more timely than navigating major time zone differences.

Is Culture Important?

Cultural affinity plays a major role when selecting an inbound phone support outsourcer for customer service calls. When outsourcing to nearshore outsourcing call centers, the agents working in those centers are familiar with their nearshore neighbors and most likely have family and friends that live in the U.S. and Canada. They are also highly influenced by North American TV, music, and other media. This influence greatly increases bonding on customer service phone calls.

Price Makes a Difference

Cost control does not have to mean a reduction in customer service. Spending the time to find the right outsource call center provider helps control costs while looking for ways to increase your customer service experience. Inbound customer service outsource call centers located Nearshore (close to the U.S.) offer significant savings to their U.S. and Canadian outsource providers. More so, they also offer bilingual services, such as Spanish, usually at no additional expense. Nearshore inbound customer support outsourcing can also be cost-controlled by a mix of other services such as email response and web chat response. These services are usually offered in both English and Spanish. Other languages are also available.

Size Does Matter

Who says size doesn’t matter? :-).  A key to finding the right inbound outsource call center partner is deciding on the size of the company you want to work with. There are multiple call center sites in different nearshore locations offering phone support, email response, web chat support and BPO services. Many have well over 1000 seats per center. There is also the smaller, more nimble call centers that run from 100 to 500 seats. For medium to smaller companies, these size centers can offer a more personalized customer service experience while still being large enough to be technologically advanced and current in the latest outsourcing technology and processes.

Management is Key

Management is a key element in the outsourcing process. Management’s style from both the client and the outsource provider must share the same vision and beliefs in the customer experience. Having a clear understanding of the targets needing to be achieved is a given. A good outsource management team will also find creative solutions and find ways to help reduce overall cost-to-benefit ratios. Better yet a good outsource provider will have a team learn the business and help suggest ways to increase revenue while maintaining costs to net a higher revenue to cost benefit.

About GuateCall

GuateCall is renowned for delivering high-end bilingual English and Spanish call center and BPO services from Guatemala, Central America. The multi-channel services include phone, email, online chat, and social media response. GuateCall serves companies in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. This includes countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and many others in Central and South America. The key to GuateCall’s success is becoming an extension of the brands it represents. They instill a can-do attitude within the company’s culture. This approach builds a great customer experience for both the end consumer and the outsourcing client.

Located in Guatemala City, Guatemala

GuateCall is located just a short 3-hour flight from Multiple destinations in the United States, such as Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey and New York. This major convenience allows for more face-to-face contact opportunities with our clients.  With its beautiful scenery and friendly people, Guatemala is an ideal destination to mix both business and pleasure.

Accent Neutral

Another great benefit to the bilingual Guatemalan call center agent is their accent neutrality. It’s a given that we employ agents who are easily understood in English. We are also proud to say that Guatemala is famous for its accent-neutral Spanish. In fact, Guatemala has become a hot spot for learning Spanish by tourists from all over the world. Our bilingual agents can help your business tap the $1.2 trillion U.S. Hispanic consumer market by being able to communicate with your clients not only with an easily understood Spanish accent but with a cultural connection as well.

Guatemala’s Talent Pool

Guatemala is a major player in the inbound customer service contact center outsourcing space. It is home to many of the top Fortune 500 and 100 companies in the U.S.  This leads to a tremendous pool of qualified, well-versed employees in different verticles. From inbound customer service, click-to-chat services, email response, and all types of back office work.  Needless to say, at GuateCall, we target the top 20 percent of the contact center workforce in Guatemala. This gives us access to a well-versed, highly tenured and skilled staff. Since GuateCall is not a public company, as most of the call centers in Guatemala are, we have the ability to cut a lot of the fat from our competitors’ prices and offer the highest standards at a fair price.

Isn’t it about time you learned more?