English Spanish Call Center: Outsourced Bilingual Inbound Customer Service

English Spanish Call Center: Outsourced Bilingual Inbound Customer Service

Outsourced Bilingual Inbound Customer Service to our English Spanish Call Center

Outsourcing bilingual English and Spanish call center inbound customer service involves planning, implementation and constant monitoring to maintain the highest level of service possible. Outsourcing to a company that specializes in high quality bilingual customer care is imperative.

At GuateCall, we continually look for ways to improve your customer’s experience and have consistently rated as the highest performing outsource provider to our customers. Our QA team live monitors our call center agents and looks for areas of opportunity when giving feedback. Sometimes just a high five for a job well done makes all the difference.

Inbound customer service can come from multiple channels such as:

  • Phone calls
  • Web chat support
  • Email services
  • Social Media interactions

Delivering a great customer experience starts with proper planning and implementation. GuateCall has been in business for over ten years and our management has led customer service teams for well over twenty years. This experience creates a clear understanding of the value of the customer and the need to go above and beyond.

U.S. vs NearShore Outsourcing Services 

The U.S. based outsourcing provider is a great option for companies to outsource with. One of the biggest setbacks with outsourcing in the U.S. is the high turnover rate of call center employees. Also, the price of doing business with a U.S. outsourcing call center is typically between $23 to $30 an hour. This makes outsourcing the correct amount of call center agents a bit challenging.

At GuateCall, we become your brand advocates. We are able to service your clientele with our bilingual agents in both English and Spanish for one competitive price. GuateCall’s Nearshore call center is located in Guatemala. Just south of Mexico, Guatemala is known for its scenic landscape, friendly culture, warm service and robust nearshore call center services industry. The coffee is amazing also, but we’ll leave that for another discussion 😉  The Guatemala inbound customer service industry has consistently received accolades from the biggest corporations in the U.S.

Being nearshore allows companies to outsource to a highly trained bilingual staff, while significantly reducing the cost per agent. This will give your company the ability to dedicate the correct amount of agents to best service your customer’s needs.

Bilingual Customer Service Agent recruiting

Delivering a great customer experience starts with great customer service representatives. At GuateCall, we hire the top 20% of the market. We have a great reputation among agents in the call center industry in Guatemala which helps recruit staff quickly.

If you have a need to outsource all or part of your inbound call center services such as customer care, order taking, order processing, retention, appointment setting, web chat support and email response services, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!



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