GuateCall is a call center outsourcing services provider that has built a reputation for delivering high-end bilingual English and Spanish call center services nearshore from Guatemala, Central America.

The Multi channel services offered include but are not limited to inbound and outbound bilingual English Spanish call center services, such as:

  • Inbound customer service
  • Customer retention and acquisition
  • Online web chat
  • E-mail response
  • Market Research
  • Appointment Setting
  • Form Filling Services

These services and more are provided by our bilingual English and Spanish speaking staff.

GuateCall offers its services to companies in the United States, Canada as well as throughout Latin America. The key to GuateCall’s call center outsourcing services success is our ability to become an extension of the brand we represent. We instill a can-do attitude within the culture of our call center. This helps build a great customer experience for both the end consumer as well as our outsourcing client.

Guatemala is a major player in the outsourcing call center services space and provides bilingual call center support to many of the top Fortune 500 and 100 companies in the U.S.  This leads to a tremendous pool of qualified, well-versed employees in all ranges of contact center services. The Guatemalan call centers are known for superior inbound customer service, click to chat services, email response and all types of back-office services. GuateCall targets the top 20 percent of the call center workforce in Guatemala. This gives us access to a well-versed, highly-tenured bilingual staff.

Since GuateCall is not a public company, as most of the call centers in Guatemala are, we have the ability to cut a lot of the fat from our competitor’s prices and offer our customers the highest standards of service at a fair price. Our call center is also more nimble and can quickly adapt to change. When looking for onshore or nearshore call center services, look no further than GuateCall. Our call center outsourcing services will surpass your expectations. Contact us today!