GuateCall’s call center employees are at the core of our success. We start by understanding our customer’s objectives and learning their customer’s thought process. We create a call center agent profile that is best suited for success. We hire from Guatemala’s extensive call center work pool only the top 20% of the market. This gives us access to a higher-skilled and more knowledgeable agent. We then create a training program that not only deals with the technical aspect of the customer’s needs ie the system, but also the mentality of the call. We train consistently and constantly look for ways to best serve our customer’s customers. This creates an environment that is conducive to first-call resolutions and happy customers.

Our call center training spill over to the floor in all we do. We go over specific messages during QA feedback. Our team leads will consistently bring up a topic from training and speak it on the floor, even while our call center agents are ready to take calls. This reinforces the message of what our purpose is at the call center and creates an environment conducive to the success of our clients.

Everything we do at GuateCall is geared toward helping our customers succeed. Reach out to us and see how GuateCall really will help your business grow!

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