Guatemala is Central America’s largest country located just a short proximity from the U.S.

Guatemala is situated in northern Central America and borders on the west and north by Mexico; on the east by Belize, the Caribbean Sea, Honduras and El Salvador; and on the south by the Pacific Ocean. Guatemala covers an area of 42,042 square miles (108,889 square kilometers) and is the most populous Central American country with over 15 million inhabitants, 60% of which have indigenous roots. The Guatemalan culture is rooted deep in ancient Mayan and Spanish influences. The official language is Spanish, although there are 22 Mayan languages officially recognized by the state. The Guatemalan culture is so warm and inviting.  The beautiful weather which is mainly in the 60s and 70s degree range coupled with breath taking views of lush vegetations and mountains make Guatemala the perfect spot to mix business with pleasure. Did we mention the 60s and 70s degree range. It’s like that pretty much all year long 🙂

A huge convenience is the multiple daily direct flights from some of the most popular airports in cities such as Houston, Dallas, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Newark NJ, Atlanta, Los Angeles and more.

With world class facilities and some of the most prestigious universities in Latin America, Guatemala has become a hot bed for companies seeking highly skilled talent with a significant cost saving to the U.S.

Many Fortune 500 and top 100s have seen the benefit of outsourcing their customer service, web chat, email response as well as many other back office processes to Guatemala.

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