Bilingual Latin American Contact Center Solutions Provider- GuateCall

Bilingual Latin American Contact Center Solutions Provider- GuateCall

Latin American contact center solutions providers have become increasingly popular in offering contact center solutions. With so many contact center solutions providers in Latin America, Central America and South America to choose from, which contact center solutions company is right for your business?

A few quick thoughts come to mind.

  1. There is an obvious cost saving to consider when outsourcing nearshore contact center solutions  over outsourcing to a US contact center.  A nearshore center is generally 30%-50% less expensive than US contact center solutions providers. There is also differences in price points between one nearshore center to another nearshore center due to different factors such as quality of service as well as size and overhead.
  2. Contact center solutions companies in Central America, South America, as well as the Caribbean are able to attract higher skilled employees such as college students and graduates.
  3. Latin American contact center solutions providers have an advantage of being staffed by bilingual agents speaking Spanish as well as English. There is no need to pay a premium for Spanish support.

There are the clear benefits of saving money and staying in a nearshore environment with a high skilled labor force. The question is will the customer experience be what your customer is expecting from your business?

Contact center solutions outsourcing to a Latin American contact center can therefore be a daunting task. Which country in Latin America will serve your needs best?  There is Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Jamaica, Colombia and many more.

The reduction in telecom rates, the emergence of the Internet, and the pool of educated, bilingual agents in Central & South America have caused a boom in the contact center solutions outsourcing industry in these countries.  Both large nearshore contact centers as well as smaller boutique nearshore contact center solutions providers have established themselves as capable contact center solutions providers in customer service, web chat, email and the back office service industry. Many of the contact centers can be an excellent choice for applications that require English, Spanish, or Bilingual agents. Choosing the correct center for you is the critical next step.

Which contact center is right for you? 

The factors such as management, size, price and customer service come into play.  I would suggest getting to know GuateCall, which is our contact center solutions provider based in Guatemala, Central America.  We are American owned and run and our hands-on management is a key differentiation factor between our contact center and other contact center solution providers in Latin and especially Central America.  We work as a seamless extension of your team by integrating our services and management to work hand-in-hand with yours, at every point of contact. We strive to make your customers happy.

People like to do business with people they like!
Our contact center solutions team is consistently trained about the value of a happy customer and the efforts needed to maintain this relationship. At every point of contact we strive to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations, thus elevating your brand and identity.

As your search for Bilingual English and Spanish customer support takes you to Latin and specifically Central America, with all the advantages nearshore contact center solutions providers have to offer, take a look at GuateCall, located in Guatemala City.  We can discuss your specific contact center needs and determine if we are the right fit for YOU.

This article was written by Perry Silber, COO of GuateCall.  GuateCall is a nearshore contact center located in Guatemala Central America/ Latin America. Our contact center solutions offers multi-channel bilingual English and Spanish services. If you would like to learn more about GuateCall and its services in voice, chat or email in both English and Spanish, please reach out to me at 713-474-2222 or by e-mail .


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