Call Center Services from Call Center Companies in Guatemala

Call Center Services from Call Center Companies in Guatemala

With demand for better call center services at an all time high, businesses are looking to outsource to more call center companies that have the experience necessary to handle the service levels needed for today’s customers.

Outsourcing call center services is rapidly expanding and nearshore locations such as Central America have become a go-to area for outsourcing bilingual call center services both for the US and Canadian market.

Guatemala is known for its advanced technology and highly skilled and educated workforce. It has some of the most highly touted call center companies and is a top destination for Fortune 100 companies from the US and Canada. Call center services in Guatemala is mainly focused on bilingual services such as inbound customer service, web chat and Email response.

Major call center companies in Guatemala employ thousands of agents each. These call center companies are focused on businesses looking to outsource hundreds and thousands of call center support agents. Call center companies such as Telus, EGS, Allied Global, Xerox, Genpact, Capgemini, 247 Customer are some of the bigger players in the call center services space.

GuateCall, our bilingual call center services company, offers a boutique style service which differs from the other call center companies located in Guatemala. We are geared to help businesses looking for high quality call center services at an affordable price.

Benefits of using Guatecall for call center services:

  • Guatemalan call center companies have won many awards for their high level of customer service. GuateCall only hires the top 20% of the agents in the market giving you unparalleled call center services.
  • Guatemala has a very neutral accent so customer service representatives are much easier to understand and speak with than other offshore call center companies. GuateCall has strict English levels agents must reach in order to be hired for our customers.
  • Guatemala not only has a clearer accent in English but is known to have the most neutral accent Spanish in Central America as well. This allows bilingual conversation to flow smoothly no matter which region a Hispanic customer is calling from. Spanish has so many different accents and having a neutral accent helps when speaking to Hispanics that live all around the US, Canada and other Spanish speaking countries.
  • The Geographic proximity to the United States and Canada is a great benefit for Latin American outsourcing. Guatemala is Central time zone and just a short flight for multiple cities in the US.

GuateCall is different from other Call center companies. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can be of benefit to your company at an affordable price!


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