Call Center Outsourcing Companies – Using Call Center Outsourcing – GuateCall

Call Center Outsourcing Companies – Using Call Center Outsourcing – GuateCall

Call Center Outsourcing companies have become one of the most effective ways businesses have to boost customer service and satisfaction. Today’s customers are more demanding. They expect quick responses to their questions whether by phone call, email or chat.

Businesses have to decide between investing more in their in house call center or use call center outsourcing companies to accomplish the best possible customer experience at a controlled cost.

Benefits of using Call center outsourcing companies:

There are numerous benefits to using call center outsourcing companies such as:

  1. Expertise: High quality Call center outsourcing companies focus their complete attention on the customer experience and have the advantage of working with multiple business and industries which gives the experience necessary to learn and implementing best practices.
  2. Scalability: Scalability is a big benefit when using Call center outsourcing companies. They have the space, seating and technology available to handle scaling needs quickly. Call center outsourcing companies also have the dedicated HR department, recruiters, trainers and supervisors on staff to fill those seats.
  3. Price: The cost of internal employees is increasing yearly. New government regulations, training time, management time, infrastructure, taxes, payroll and much more is a heavy load to carry for businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Call center outsourcing companies are large enough to share a lot of the fixed overhead costs between a larger pool of employees. This eliminates a lot of additional costs and management time. If outsourcing to a nearshore location, there is also the benefit of a reduction in actual hourly wage over the current American call center agent.
  4. Time: Management has limited time and resources. Call center outsourcing companies allow management the ability to spend the majority of their time focusing on their core competencies while knowing that their customer service is handled by experienced call center outsourcing companies whose only focus is the customer experience and how to better manage it.

A business must decide the best approach for their customer experience. It can make a major investment of time and money creating an in-house staff. It can also select call center outsourcing companies that share the same vision. Both or a combination of the two are a crucial decision every company must make to assure their customers are receiving the best possible experience.

This article was written by Perry Silber, COO of GuateCall. GuateCall is a Near-shore contact center provider of multi-channel bilingual English and Spanish call center services located In Guatemala, Central America. Whether through voice or chat, we can provide superior services to your organization. If you would like to learn more about GuateCall and Call Center services in Latin America, please reach out to me at 713-474-2222 or by e-mail


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