3 Reasons for Outsourced Call Center Services

3 Reasons for Outsourced Call Center Services

Businesses need to find call center outsourcing companies that can best manage their outsourced call center services . Most often than not, larger Fortune 500 companies choose to outsource their customer service, web-chat and back office services.  Reason being is that they would prefer to spend their resources on increasing their brand awareness and allow call center outsourcing companies that specialize in the BPO call center sector to help them service their customers using multiple outsourced call center services.

Today’s outsourcing environment and more specifically technology, has helped level the playing field in the outsourced call center services space. When looking for call center outsourcing companies, smaller businesses now have the ability to take advantage of outsourced call center services which were not around just a few years ago. With more call center outsourcing companies using cloud services, it is now a more simple process to have outsourced call center services used in a more transparent manner. Live call monitoring, QA calibrations, real time data entry and reporting are just a few of the ways that companies can feel more secure and part of the process when it comes to working with call center outsourcing companies.

Here a few of the benefits businesses gain from outsourced call center services:

Experienced management

Today’s companies are under more pressure than ever to do more with less. Its great to know that when outsourcing to a reputable call center, you not only get a great call center agent servicing your clients, but an entire infrastructure of management that helps from recruiting your staff to motivating them to monitoring their quality of calls and dealing with things such as payroll, absenteeism and other employee related issues. Just as important, they spend time to understand your business and help advise you on how to best benefit from the outsourcing relationship.


Call centers focus a lot of time, effort and resources to hire the best talent that fits their client’s needs. With larger spaces and room for growth, call centers can quickly ramp up when a customer needs increases. More so, since ramps are a normal occurrence in the BPO industry, management is well trained and capable to handle the needs of the client quickly and efficiently.


The cost to run an efficient call center is high. The rent, maintaining the facilities, equipment as well as the operations management and staffing are a major drain on a company’s budget. Call centers have the benefit of spreading these expenses across their entire client base allowing for a more affordable solution. There is also  the cost of salaries, health insurance, retirement plans, lunches, prizes, the list goes on and on.

GuateCall, which is located nearshore in Central America, is perfectly situated to help your business. Located just south east of Mexico in Guatemala, we offer high end bilingual English/Spanish call center agents that will offer superior interaction with your customer while reducing your costs. Whether you are looking for inbound, outbound or a blended service, web chat or email response, our multicultural, fully bilingual staff can help your customers using multi channel connections that will create happy customers for your business.

At GuateCall, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your brand and working hand in hand with your team to meet your companies targets while upholding the vision and mission of your company. Take the opportunity to reach out to us and see how GuateCall will help your business grow!

This article was written by Perry Silber, COO of GuateCall. GuateCall is a Near-shore contact center provider of multi-channel bilingual English and Spanish services located In Guatemala, Central America. Whether through voice or chat, we can provide superior services to your organization. If you would like to learn more about GuateCall and our outsourced call center services in Latin America, please reach out to me at 713-474-2222 or by e-mail perry@guatecall.com.


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